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The Friday Fund

Writer/Director: Adam Batchelor
Producer: Daphnée Hocquard
Format: HD (Alexa)
Length: 30 mins

Aaron and his school friends skirt the edges of criminality in pursuit of a good time. But as Aaron strives to climb the social hierarchy of a more dangerous adult world, he must eventually confront his actions and deal with the repercussions.

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Live & Let

Director: Adam Batchelor
Writer: Gillian Roger Park
Format: HD (Alexa)
Length: 17 mins

‘Heartbroken, letting agent, Bradley, 25, awakes to the aftermath of his party the night before. Hung over and disheveled, he half-heartedly prepares himself for another day at the office but must finally get his act together when his ex-girlfriend returns home early from a travelling expedition.’

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Small Hours

Adam Batchelor
Format: HD
Length: 17 mins

A short film about a young, International student working the night shift at a local petrol station, where through a series of late night encounters, he shapes his view of British youth culture.